The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association has represented independent Auto Dealers for over 50 years and the Missouri Independent Automobile Dealers Association has served Missouri independent auto dealers for over 35 years. Over all these years we have dealt with a great variety of issues that affect independent dealers.

The least painful way to find out what you don’t know is by networking with other people through an association. MIADA members get the NIADA monthly “Used Car Dealer” magazine and the MIADA quarterly magazine. They sometimes go to the NIADA convention. When they have a serious customer problem, they call our MIADA help desk. Our help desk is available to our members for any type of dealer questions. This, along with the other member benefits, is how we try to help our members become and remain successful. Not a bad thing when you are in a complex business where the laws and rules change regularly.

Over 20,000 dealers nationwide belong to their respective state associations and our NIADA national affiliate. Membership in NIADA is automatic when joining your state association. These 20,000 members have a major investment in their business and wish to remain successful in their business. MIADA and NIADA want you to be successful and we help provide the means to support your success.

None of us know all that we need to know, but the problem is that we often don’t know what we don’t know. This can get expensive. Networking with MIADA/NIADA can solve this problem. With the help desk, networking, magazines, and the other member benefits, the cost of $235 annually is small in comparison to the potential savings. MIADA welcomes you!

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