Missouri License Dealer Checklist


  • Obtain a photograph (5 X 7" to 8 X 12”) of your office and a sign showing part of your lot. The officer who inspects your facility will be the judge but you will need a sign with 6” minimum lettering for your business name, and your minimum 20 business hours per week must be posted. You must be closed on Sundays. The sign, office, and contiguous sales lot needs to be fronting the street with your official business address. This is your official sales location and you will not be able to display your vehicles anywhere else. If you have questions regarding your location, give us a call, call the Department of Revenue, or check with your inspecting officer.

  • Contact your local Police Department or the Missouri Highway Patrol for inspection. When you have your office ready the officer can inspect your facility and sign off on your DOR 4682 Form when he approves. Most large cities have a police officer assigned to inspect dealer locations.

  • Complete your MOHP Background Check FormWe suggest that you either go to the Missouri HP Headquarters in Jefferson City or mail the completed form with your application to the Department of Revenue. If you go to the MO HP HDQ they will complete the check while you wait. Mailing this form to the Highway Patrol may delay your background check.

  • Register your business name with the Secretary of State. If your dealership name is an LLC or Corporation, it is already registered. But if you are “doing business as” anything other than your name on your birth certificate, you will need to file a fictitious name application with the Secretary of State. Click here to download the Fictitious Name Filing Form.

  • Obtain a $50,000 Surety Bond or a $50,000 Irrevocable letter of credit. You can obtain the bond from an insurance agent. The original copy of the bond is required. If you use the irrevocable letter of credit, you will need to see your banker. Call us if you have trouble finding an agent.

  • Obtain Garage Liability insurance for your dealership.Garage liability insurance is somewhat specialized insurance. Costs and coverage can vary greatly. Call us if you have trouble finding an agent. You will need proof of insurance (Certificate of Liability) showing your coverage limits and number of dealer plates insured on your insurance policy.